Pizza Restaurant in Schertz, Texas


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Specialty Pizzas and Buffalo Wings

Some of the specialty pizzas we have at our restaurant include The Epic, The Meaty, and The Hawaiian. We also have delicious Buffalo wings in flavors such as mild, hot,
and Cajun.


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Restaurant Background

Our restaurant offers a fun atmosphere with a casual dress code, and lets you enjoy delicious meals such as pizzas, subs, salads, and calzones. Everyone is welcome at our place, from hardcore sports fans looking to catch the big game, to families looking for a great place to take their kids. 

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About Us

Big Papa’s pizza and sports was reinvented as a sports bar in 2007 and is now the premier spot in Schertz for sporting events and great food. The chef owner brings parts of his Hawaiian upbringing and his local Texas surroundings in for the best pizza around. Big Papa’s is a family friendly sports environment with obvious attention to the food. So whether it’s to come and have a couple of beers during the game or to bring the family for the best pizza around, Big Papa’s in Schertz is the place to be.  

Great Food, Great Fun

Visiting our restaurant lets you experience a great Hawaiian ambiance, which we apply to our menu choices that include items such as Portuguese sausage. We promise not only the best food around, but also offer an enjoyable Hawaiian atmosphere where you can have a good time. Our restaurant ensures that you never miss a minute of the big game, thanks to our nine televisions and two big screen TVs. If you are looking for a restaurant that offers great pizza, cold beer, and a great time, then this is the place to be.